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Industrial Touch Display Prime Cube EMR

Industrial Touch Display EMR (previous designation: ECCO-Terminal)

The EMR industrial touch display guarantees flexibility in positioning an operator station at machines or in sites. The panel is connected to the host computer via USB for transmitting the touch signals and the DVI-D or VGA interface, which is attached to the graphics card of the host.

Industrial touch display Prime Cube EMR connected to host computer via DVI

The system is immediately ready for use in DVI-D mode, no display settings are necessary after initial connection. The touch-signals are transmitted via USB.

In VGA mode, an auto-adjust process has to be executed when the images are blurred, e.g. after connecting to the host computer. This process must be started via the OSD buttons manually. Thereby frequency, phase and image position of the display are synchronized automatically with the video signal. If required, the values can be adjusted in detail with buttons at the rear side as well.

The industrial touch displays are completely maintenance free because they do not contain any rotating parts.

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