New Product GS.GATE: Highly Secure Digitization Solution for the Industry 4.0  

Valuable information can be gained from the condition and performance data of machines: When must wear parts be replaced before they cause costly failures - keyword predictive maintenance? What is the utilization rate of the machines? Where do the processes not run smoothly yet? Thanks to this information you can steadily increase efficiency and productivity, save costs and assert yourself in fierce competition. In order to obtain this information you have to interconnect your machines and analyse the data collected. In doing so it must be noted that: You should not open gateways for cyber attacks and risk your IT-security under any circumstances by digitizing your sensitive production area. This could result in costly machine and production failures, the loss of data and consequently your competitiveness. For exactly this requirement - the recording, processing and provision of machine data on the highest security level - Schubert System Elektronik and genua have developed the Edge Gateway GS.Gate.

Security by Design Guaranteed
High Level of Protection

In order to achieve a high protection level at the critical interface between machine and external network the GS.Gate is designed according to the “security by design” principle. Thus, the applications for data processing “speaking” to the machine are strictly separated from the security systems which protect the communication and the interface towards the external network. The separated areas dispose of their own operating systems and permanently allocated hardware resources - without any overlaps. This is made possible by a microkernel operating system which runs as the lowest level on the GS.Gate and consistently generates separate areas. The advantage: From the external network only the especially hardened security systems are visible. These are regularly updated and therefore perfectly equipped against all current threats. Behind the strong shield you can operate the data processing applications without perpetual interferences by updates and patches, thus avoiding changes or even disruptions of your harmonized processes. The GS.Gate therefore guaranteess smooth processes at a security level that sets new standards in the industrial area.

Comprehensive Customer Service
The gateway is administered and maintained through remote access via encrypted connections. You get support for your solution directly from the manufacturer. On request we take care of your complete system management. In that case our support specialists constantly monitor your solution and take care of the complete administration. We are happy to assist you through our hotline support providing competent backup service as well as through our regular update service. In order to perfectly meet your requirements we also put together a tailor-made support package. Within Germany we provide next business day replacement service for hardware: If a system fails you will receive an identical replacment device the next day. We also send replacement devices to locations abroad as fast as possible.

Compact Solution with Analysis Applications and Security Systems
The GS.Gate can be connected to machines independent of the manufacturer and offers two separate areas on compact Industrial hardware. As a machine manufacturer or operator you can install your individual application in the first area by means of a Docker. This application retrieves condition and performance data of the machine via the common interfaces LAN, IO-Link, Gbit-Ethernet or Industrial Ethernet and carries out the desired analyses. In this way the important infomation which you need for your comprehensive Industrial Analytics is already filtered from the complete data volume. In the second area there is a firewall and the remote access component for secure remote access. The information gained is encrypted in a highly secure fashion and sent to your Analytics systems or to the cloud through a firewall via the Internet. In this process the firewall protects the Industrial Gateway and the connected machine reliably from cyber-attacks.

That’s what GS.Gate has to offer

  • Retrieval, analysis and safe transmission of the machine data
  • Installation of individual applications for data processing
  • Reliable protection for the connected machine
  • High security level by “security by design” principle
  • Simple connection to machines independent of manufacturers
  • Maintenance-free Industrial hardware
  • Best-of-breed solution made in Germany
  • Customer service directly from manufacturer

Partners Develop Best-of-Breed Solution
The GS.Gate is a joint development of Schubert System Elektronik GmbH (SSE) and genua GmbH. Both partners are proven experts in their business areas. SSE is specialized in industrial computer technology and belongs to the group of companies Gerhard Schubert GmbH, a leading manufacturer of packaging machines and digitization solutions for the industry. genua is a German IT-security company with many years of experience in the industrial area, with focus on the protection of critical interfaces and remote maintenance solutions for machines. Since 2015 genua has belonged to the Bundesdruckerei (“Federal Printer”) group. The partners have bundled their know-how - resulting in the best-of-breed solution GS.Gate which helps you to safely use the benefits of digitization.