Our great strength in the area of process automation lies in providing high-quality systems and individual solutions for the operation, visualisation and control of industrial processes.With every new application and together with our customers, we achieve one central goal: to provide more user-friendly and, at the same time, more efficient systems.


Attention to detail, customer-specific, medical technophiles

Only systems of the highest quality are used in the medical technology field. To ensure correct usage in every situation where hygiene and reliability are the priority, particular demands are placed on medical IT equipment. Both characteristics are the focus of our ‘Point of Care’ solutions. Our professional team are experts in the specifics of the industry and also develop tailor-made systems of the highest availability classes for your individual applications.


Project and quality management

Aimed specifically at your requirements, we provide you with professional project management – from the early development phase right through to serial delivery later on our certifications and our ten-year guarantee of supply in terms of form/fit/function.  

Prime Cube® has custom-fit technology modules at its disposal, ensuring that specifically medical applications are implemented optimally via features typical for use:

  • High-definition multitouch displays in landscape and portrait format
  • Flush-mounted, scratch-resistant security front glass 
  • Completely sealed housing according to IP Code IP65 
  • Bead-free, GMP-compliant hygiene design
  • Dirt-repellent, non-porous smooth surfaces for easy cleaning
  • To be cleaned throughout using disinfectants for a germ-free environment 
  • Modern multicore processors (Intel, AMD) 
  • Multifaceted storage and interface options
  • Passive cooling concept, fanless/silent and maintenance-free 
  • Fail-safe system design with industrial components

The solutions presented here have been developed especially for segments of medical technology. Our system technologies illustrate by way of example perspectives and potentials that can also be adapted to your individual goals. We look forward to your enquiry.