Decentralised structures offer maximum flexibility

in the solution of HMI concepts where the host computer and the operating unit form a remote integrated network as a passive monitor solution. The type of remote link depends on both the distance to be bridged and the required functionality of the application.  



Direct signal transmission

conventional method for removal of operating unit approx. 5 m from the host PC. Greater distances (DVI-D approx. 10 m, VGA approx. 25 m) can be achieved using special cables. There are no latency periods during the image display up to this length in the case of a direct connection. The booting process of the host can be followed directly on the display, maximum resolution SXGA.  


The Prime Cube® panels are equipped with transmission technology for digital remote links that offer major advantages: Operating system independence, no transmitter/receiver modules required for the display, joint transmission of all signals (video + touch + USB) between display and host via single CAT 6 Ethernet cable and bridging of large distances possible, e.g. up to 140 m for full-HD resolution or 100 m for UHD resolution.

Integration into Prime Cubebox PCs and into third-party products via PCI or PCIe.

Embedded Clients

for machines and systems with several operator stations; also an alternative for remote-control panels. Networks of up to 100 m are possible with an Ethernet cable. Automatic adjustment of screen resolution.  

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