Your demand for performance: Single-, Dual- oder Quad-Core? We meet the demand for individual computer performance by updating processors and chip sets on a continuous basis. Based on x86 architecture, we can achieve individually scalable CPU performance using processors with the latest technology from Intel and AMD.  


Our systems are based on special industry mainboards. hey are designed for an energy-efficient architecture; that is, we strive to ensure minimal power loss when selecting processors or chip sets in order to achieve consistently fan less CPU and system cooling across as wide a temperature range as possible. 

The mainboards we provide have long-term availability. We offer a ten-year guarantee of supply in terms of form, fit and function provided that the respective CPUs and chip sets are available or can be replaced by corresponding alternatives in this time.

Our modern computer platforms are available in all of the typical form:





Intel Atom

AMD Fusion

AMD eKabini

Energy-saving systems

Low Power systems

Embedded systems

COM Express    

AMD Core Duo

AMD Core 2 Duo

INTEL i3/i5/i7

Real-time applications 

Embedded systems

Embedded systems

Mini ITX

2nd Gen. i5/i7

3rd Gen. i5/i7

4th Gen. i5/i7

5th Gen. i5/i7

6th Gen. i5/i7

All standard PC functions

Full multimedia capability

Excellent graphics and computing power


Intel Atom E3815

Intel Atom E620

Low Power applications

Low Power applications  


We are happy to advise you personally as you search for a solution: