Our affinity for the unique design of products shows itself in our attention to technical detail and our range of constructive specialities. 


Robust design

The closed construction of our IPC systems feature shockproof and vibration-resistant stability. In accordance with IP-65, they offer complete protection against dust, acids, alkalis, damp, oil and spray water.  

Compact construction

Displays and computers form separate electrical and mechanical units. Both components can have a modular arrangement for the specific complete system. Rear access enables a particularly service-friendly exchange between all system components. All connections are arranged in an easily accessible manner within the protected area.  

Hygienic design

Bead- and gap-free housing designs and flush-mount glass touch fronts, as well as dirt-repellent, non-porous surfaces reflect the strict GMP-compliant clean room requirements. They are especially suitable for food production in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in packaging technology. 

Specific material selection

Only high-quality materials are used for housing enclosures. We use milled precision parts from massive die-cast aluminium.Depending on the environment, durability, stability, processing and weight involved, we trust in polished stainless steel from scale-resisting V2A alloys, galvanised sheet steel or robust plastic moulds.