Both the standardised PC interfaces and the current fieldbus interfaces support the high communication capability of our systems with network topologies. The Prime Cube® technology portfolio has various different connectivity options which not only enable the quick exchange of data and signals, but also the real-time properties in control applications.


Communication interfaces for the right connection

PCI Express (PCIe)

The interface is set up for the connection of chipset-peripheral functions such as graphics, sound, network or specific expansion cards. 


For the connection of mass storage devices with high data transfers between processor and memory; operating system-independent, hot-plug-ready.


Traditional, serial interface for communication with periphery devices, such as PDAs, modems or also for processes controlled directly. 


Universal interface for periphery devices, e.g. mouse, camera, ISDN adapter; can process impressive data speeds and hot-plug-ready.  


Popular monitor interface. Analogue (VGA) or digital (DVI) image and video transmission of RGB signals to LCD and TFT displays.


Serial bus for linking electronic control devices with CANopen as a protocol, preferable application in embedded systems.


Open fieldbus standard for transfers with short and medium cycle times, across the board from field to control/command level.


Open industrial Ethernet standard, set-up for quick data communication across networks in combination with industrial IT functions. 


Bus communication from fieldbus via Internet to IP-based networking; established in all speed ranges – with real-time behaviour.


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