Our software range enables adjustments to be made at scalable levels on each of our hardware platforms.. Prime Cube® IPCs are delivered with an operating system precisely according to your specifications. Here you can choose from various different standard and embedded variants, depending on the processor type and on system performance. With our software support, we supply programs and all peripheral drivers. 


Individual packages

From simple application to the complex process flow, our software library delivers the corresponding functionality for every requirement. Here we trust in marketable software programs or tools, and select them by characteristic to ensure the best possible solution. 

  • Visualisation
  • SCADA solutions
  • Real-time-runtime systems 
  • Device drivers 
  • User interfaces 
  • Customer-specific applications

Windows 7 Professional | Ultimate (FES):

The tried-and-tested standard operating system offers a variety of high-performance properties, including quick access to programs and files, straightforward connection to networks, fast shift to/from power-saving mode and user-friendly integration of external devices.

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Based on Windows 7 technology, it also offers embedded enabling features and provides platforms and tools for the creation of user-defined solutions. For the user interface area, in particular, the operating system contains extensive multitouch functions for comfortable operating concepts.

Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro

Forms the ideal basis for visualisations with touch functions and also offers additional options to ensure that your system is safe. These include, for example, the full functionality of Windows 8.1 Professional with embedded features such as various Input Filters, Unified Write Filters and Custom Shells, and improved touch support as a basis for intuitive user guidance. 

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB

Connects the properties of Windows 10 Enterprise with a large number of embedded and security functions to an embedded operating system. Write Filter, Input Filter and Custom Shell scenarios have been enhanced with USB group policies. This enables you to configure the access to USB devices specifically to safeguard the respective application. This system runs on x86 chipsets with support from Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and traditional Windows applications.

Embedded Linux

The embedded Linux system specified by Prime Cube® runs on a Debian distribution with a real-time kernel enhancement, based on OSADL real-time Linux. All Linux systems are adjusted to the platform system used by additional features and enhancements. The graphical user interface (GUI) is shaped by the specific application and project requirements.

System Setup

The major advantage of PC-based systems is their openness at all levels. A wide variety of customised programs can be executed on one and the same hardware. We adapt all software packages to computer platforms and applications in a targeted manner. You can have your defined executable configurations pre-installed upon request. We can also manage and update the individual software image.

If you would like to learn more about our display variants, please feel free to contact us.